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The Additional Mathematics Project..

Posted on: July 12 2008

안녕하세요 여러분~! Hello Everyone! LOL

Okayy..So, our additional mathematics teacher asked us to do a project..

Well, weeks ago. xD

Since our teacher mentioned about the project in the first place, and asked us to do it “DIY” (Do It Yourself) method. xD

So, I’ve come up with the idea to browse the internet, LOL that’s what our teacher asked us to do. ;)

“Find the project on the internet…”. And I found one. ;)

Here’s the link : Form 5 Additional Mathematics Project 2008

Well, you can only view 3 pages or so there, cause you’re not logged in. xP
So, just hit the button ‘Sign Up’ above the page, and register. :)
Well, good luck to us. =)

Also, another site you can try : Form 5 Add Maths Project

If you want the FULL ANSWER folio- and it’s handwritten, scanned by SarahJaeyin, just LEAVE YOUR EMAIL IN YOUR COMMENT DOWN THERE, we’ll send the folio scans to you asap. ^^ If taken out and use at other site, please credit to SarahJaeyin and link back to our blog. Thanks.

— Edited : If you have problems with the papers, just share here, we’re going to discuss it with you. Duh..since we’re doing this together..^^ AND WE’VE FINISHED THE PROJECT. MUAHAHHA. xD


117 Responses to "The Additional Mathematics Project.."

ya Hwaiting! huhu feel so lazy to do this

lol we’ve finished the project already! yeah! whew~

omg..you done ady??help me la

I searched for the correct website to find the answer on the project but i couldnt. one of my friend found it in google but i cant find any,.. wowowo, would somebody help me?? plez, e-mail me the sample for the answer.. im desperate..

owh, the link we gave didn’t work? anyhow, try these :

i think the project is completed there..
if u hv any probs later, just comment here..(especially the calculations, i don’t think they’re accurate. xP)

please help me on additional mathematics project work

^ just click on the link we’ve given, ^^

From the website u given which is “junhoe…”
Can i str8 use the graph in ques no.7 …. I mean i str8 copy the whole graph and use it.. Is that graph accepted? bcauz the graph in no.7 is different than the previous one..

^ use the graph straight? err..which one? I forgot already..^^; Question no.7 is about what?
but, the graphs obtained are based on your given data..if your teacher gives you data, then you should use that data to sketch the graph..
or do you mean the ict graph? the ‘junhoe’ person have provided the software, so you have to download and install it, because i bet your datas and his data is not the same, if the same, then, you can straightly just copy that graph..so, download, and try sketch the graph using and based on your own data..

erhem > if you still want the folio, leave a comment here, i’ll send you the complete folio. I’ve scanned my folio but im not sure if it’s correct, but since almost the whole class are using it (i guess) it’s acceptable.

Please give me the answer

Ok.. i understand it :D
Erm yep….send me the folio.. i will use it as reference..
Im still kinda headache bcuz of tis project zz..
Ty very much for all of your help..

@ Ares : do you want the scanned folio we have? or do you want to see the project, if u want to see the sample project, just click on the link we’ve given. ^^

@ Erhem : You’re welcome! ^^ sarahjaeyin will send you the folio^^ yeah- we too, having headache about this project, our teacher leaves us clueless except for the data given. xD we’re trying to help other fellow form 5 students who needs help in the project.

btw, erhem, when do you need to submit the folio? just asking^^;

i received that folio dy thks.. im goin to pass it up on tis friday…
Thank you once again :P

hey can u plz send me d folio??
my email sub_motion5503@hotmail.com


hellow there!

i really need the copy of add maths project..

could u plish email it to me?





^ @ aza & plasticxz, i’ll send it to you today the folio, thanks for requesting. ^^

oh eunmin will send u the folio, just wanna stated here, don’t share it online ok! cuz got my personal info in that folio, so i hope u all understand not to spread the folio around, but feel free to share it with your friends ^^ just don’t share it online ok, if someone wants it, pls direct them to this blog.

erhem > good luck! oh btw, i got wrong there, *SQRT supposed to be square root symbol k!

^ hehe about that, i’ve fixed the folio^^ deleted the cover already- no worries la! xD
but leave horrible watermark on the folio..hope that you guys can read it! ^^;
if not, just ask us here..

btw, i’ve sent the folio. ^^

can send me the answers for project add math…pls…need tat ASAP…thx

-edited by eunmin-
FOLIO sent. ^^ Thanks.

yay thanks! i wanna see it, tomorrow i’ll lend u my pendrive, pls save it ok! ^^

i need d folio, pwease…………ASAP

-edited by eunmin-
I’ve sent the folio to ur email. Please check it^^ Thanks!

eh, u send it already? hw come i havent get it?
plz help me i really need the folio
my teacher ask us to pass it up next week
so plz help

help me… i really3 need de folio… i dont know how 2 do… :-(

Pleaz help me..i really need the folio..my teacher want me 2 send d folio…. :-(

in srius need for folio… hav 2 send it nex week.. help me please…. PLease3!!! :-(

@ plasticxz : I’ve sent the folio to your email…=.=
Its this one : sub_motion5503@hotmail.com –> sent to that one…
did you really didn’t receive it? o_O

a3 & cleo : please put tell us your email, that you want to be sent to.

i want to know the answer about project work additional mathematics 2008 abou the pendulum…please i need ur help right now…

i hope u can help me..as fast as u can give for me..

ah sorry. i got it already.
i din see it cuz i didnt check my junk mail. sorry hehe…
btw thank u soooo much ur my freakin saviour!
thanks for d folio!

Hi eunmin can i have u folio?
Email >> keyblade8360@hotmail.com

Folio sent to : Xetro90, laila, cleo, a3. If you didn’t receive it through your inbox, check your junk mail.

@ plasticxz : You’re welcome! ^^ You should thank sarahjaeyin! ^^ She’s the one who is willing to share her folio~ ^^

Eunmin Thx For sending and also thx sarahjaeyin for sharing ^^

hi eunmin..can i hv a complete sample from u?
my email address>> yteckkhang_29@hotmail.com
hope to get in these 2 days, nid in urgent >.<
thx alot

realy hope can get a sample from u
quite headache for tis project
specialy the calculation n the graph
my add maths is very terible =X
hoping to get it as soon as posible >.<

can i have complete sample pls?? ty very much^^

i mean i really need it pls send it to meT_T ty^^ my e-mail is bakkiko@hotmail.com

Erm…ty for ur help ya guys..
The first part of the futher exploration..the calculation there i think got prob.. u try to check :p

can somebody give me the answer for add mat project work form 5 2008..?
i really need it..
my email is, amri_gerrard@yahoo.com

can i hv ur project work?
i realy nid ur project work as my reference
i duno how to start T_T

i nid help on the calculation, is super hard >.<

so i wanna say thanks to sarahjaeyin for sharing her folio.

OMG. I’m soo sorry guys, for being late on sending the folio! >< Already sent that folio to you..Sorry for being soo late..T_T

@ Erhem : YES- There’s some mistake on the folio^^;; Sorry for the inconvience..^^;; It’s the calculation for the moon right? ^^; Good that you notice it! xP
@moonlifekid : There’s some calculation that you do not need to do it yourself/change it, just copy from the folio^^ For example, the calculation for the further exploration^^ The other you have to do the calculation, but just some slight changes, and you do have to take out your calculator to calculate. xP
@ ah wing : Im soo sorry!! >< Didn’t online yesterday, already send that folio to you..
@plasticxz : YEP- thanks to sarahjaeyin for sharing her folio! ^^

thx for the sample, it helps me alot^^

glad to help you all ^^
but remember to check it, coz there are mistakes there T.T;;

thanks eunmin for sending the folio, my connection sucks these days, the lightning burnt my modem huhu~~

yay! girl you can online already! haha
woahh..lightning burnt your modem? thank god that it didn’t strike your computer too. O_o

it did ~.~ that’s why i bring it to the shop to get it repaired, then the boss said maybe your modem got strike too, & yeah, the modem burnt already. just bought a new one, aigooo it costs so much! but glad they repaired the CPU, nothing got lost from the harddisk, all the downloads & my TVXQ & Big Bang folder that i’ve arranged so nicely & neatly are safe! *relieved*

anyone could plz send me the folio now? i need it by tomoro. i hv try many times to get the right website but failed.plz help me plzz.thx! send to huiyee_0301@hotmail.com

^ lol thank God..haha, see, don’t online when it’s raining/storm^^ lol that’s what i afraid the most when it’s raining/lightning, modem could get burnt, along with the pc. ><
modem sure costs much…T_T

@ adriana : sent the folio, sorry if it’s too late..=.=

hello…anyone can help me in add math project work?plez send me example of the add math folio

folio sent. thanks..

yea you’re right, that’s the lesson i’ve learned. from now on, no pc if it’s raining!
see u tomorrow! oh btw, forget to tell u at school today, thanks for adding the credits on the add math folio ^^

waa…myb i’m da last person who send this folio
help me..
this my mail,anayid91@yahoo.com

@jaeyin; no probs..haha

@yana; folio will be sent, ^^

hye there..can you help me send the project to my email?please..:)


^ folio sent. thanks!

Hi.. CAn I have A copy of the add m3 folio? I need 2 pass it up 2moro.. Help!!

could you send a copy of it to me
thanks :D

I hope u can send me your project answer A.S.A.P bcos I need to know how the graph of best fit should be. My teacher said it should be started from the origin since the equation given in the question paper didnt have y-intercept. Huhu,please help me, I cant bear redo this project again… email me at mokona19999@yahoo.com..

plz help me…i need the project fast coz my teacher ask me to send next week…plz plz plz plz plz plz ….

to yang & daismkt; folio sent. thanks!

-edited- it’s ok though. to kamarulariffin, folio hv been sent to you, thanks!

daismkt > a note to remember, the folio is not 100% correct since it haven’t been checked by our teacher. That folio is just a little guideline for you all to hv some idea on how to make the folio. Besides, the best fit graph is not correct in the scanned folio, you hv to make the line to the origin. goodluck with it! ^^

Hey..plz send the project to me too..my email address is silicon_power@yahoo.com.my
p.s.you sure are a lifesaver man

can i hav a copy of the project too? i need it too…….i did mine, and got rejected by my teacher…..can i hav a sample? please email it to styrwr@hotmail.com…..thx, i really apreciate it…

^ thanks! folio sent…..btw, styrwr91, read jaeyin’s comment up there about the folio. ><;

PLS PLS PLS.. i need the folio.. can you pls send it to me.. thanks!!! next next week is my dateline!!! T.T

^_^ i would like to have a copy of add maths project work for form 5….
please send/email to me one!!!

tanx.. i’m really glad with your help

please……… send me the folio ASAP!!! i really need your help!!!! SOS!!!

do you relly have d copy??
pleazzz…send 2 me….
i really need your help……..

please……… send me the folio ASAP!!! i really need your help!!!!

sarahHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah, can u email me the add math project. me m my frens really need it. we hav 2 submit it after cuti raya

hantar jawapan add math pendulum 2008

hantarkan skema jwpn utk add math project 2008

can any1 send me the complete folio plzzzz.. i need 2 send it 2 my teacher ASAP!!! help meeeeeee…

Pls Pls pls can u send me the Add maths Folio..? my school started on last last month and now… my teacher say on 30 setember is my dead line so… may u send me the folio ASAP!!!!….? pls i reali need your Help …..!!!!

plz send it to miaka_yuuki91@yahoo.com. thanx!! i really need it.

pls send it to me pls

uhh i don’t know if eunmin already sent the folio. we are haiving our trial SPM now so we cut off our online hours, eunmin won’t know if someone is asking for the folio . do you still want the folio Sandra Liew & effiy?

=.=;; WE’RE HUMANS TOO OKAY. -sigh-
Okay, I’ll send the folio to those up there. brb.
Folio sent, check your inbox, tell me if you haven’t received it yet,
sent to all emails up there.

^yup, some are demanding up there, not asking for help. do respect us, we don’t hv to help you guys, we can just keep the folio to ourselves, but since we know how hard it was to complete the folio, we try to help. so ask properly okay! we don’t ask anything in return, just respect us, that’s all.

btw, don’t truly believe the folio is 100% correct, coz it was scanned before it was being modified.

pls help me…my add math folio must be submit after school holidays,but i really duno how do start..

my e-mail add.,hermione_leemz@hotmail.com,thnxx..

^ sent the folio, thanks! ^^

^ YES GIRL. T^T the effect from our trial spm is enough already. =.=
it’s so annoying to see something with xtra demand-ish. <.<

^huhu gitula hidup kadangkala diatas kadangkala di bawah LOL << bair’s quote

thanks eunmin aa for sending the folios ^^
neway, raya is coming, be happy!

**i luv tvxq new album xDD

tlg antarkan project add math form5 2008 bertaip komputer….plezzz

please send me the folio….. :(

please send me the folio….. :( wan_ab5@yahoo.com

im looking for project additonal mathemathics form 5 2008…
i need it immediately..
if u can..
send me now…
or anytime today..
pliz help me..
i need your help..
i hope u will help me..
my email is b4_6teen@yahoo.com

pls,, send me the copy,,
btw thx for ur help,,

please email me add math folio 2008 asap!!!

thank you 4 da folio..it was really helped me a lot
well, i guess i’m supposed to say that a MONTH ago!!!
ohohohohohohoho…(sounds like a selfish person)

can u send me the add maths folio 2008….plz….nid urgently…………………………………………………..ma e-mail is dadevil_24@hotmail.com

can u please and kindly send me the add maths folio for form 4 2007 & form 5 2008


^you’re welcome! glad it helped you ^^

^ sent the folios to those up there…
LMAO wtheck? bertaip komputer? i’m sorry but we’ve stated there that it’s…erm. handwritten? ^^;; btw, do you still want the handwritten folio? o.o

@VICKY; i’m sorry but we don’t have the form 4 one. -.-;
@yana; LOL. xD that’s okay, but at least you’ve commented here! ^^

can u send to me……addmath project f.5..bertaip computer…plezz..in this week….yang lengkap..kkkkk..tq………………2008……

^it’s already stated that the scanned folio is in handwritten, there’s no computer one. if you still want it reply here k! i’ll tell eunmin to send it to you, but if you don’t want it, wih you luck with the folio!

can u send to me……addmath project f.5..bertaip computer…plezz..in this week….yang lengkap..kkkkk..tq………………2008……

^ we’ve stated there. the folio is handwritten. if you want the typed one just go to the links we’ve gave. up. there.

could you please send me the scanned one?thanks.

hey there…i really900000000X need ur help rite nw …i need to send da add maths project next year…im running out of time as ive gt plkn…so cn u plez mail me the full version of da project work 2008…plez … u really need to help me…thnx in advance…my email

hey gurls…pliz send jwpan lngkap utk projek addmath tuh..asap…pliz3…

by the way..this is my email-pisz_katt@yahoo.com
thanx a lot (^_^)

^ i’ll send you the folio…O___O

Please Sent Me da add maths project 2008…im running out of time…my Teacher Want Me To Hand This Project Soon…So Please Help Me…Thanks


errr,just with others i’m also having problem with this project.So, if u don’t mind,can i get your folio for reference? appriciate it~

plez sent me full answer for addmaths project 2009….
i really need your help

hmmm, do you have the answer sheet for add maths project 2009 ? if yes. can send to me? my msn email: ant0908@hotmail.com

This post is closed, and this is the last time I’m going to send in the samples.

@To-rain, lot us, ant & kaka, yours sent. Thank you.

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